Welcome to Witt Magazine. In our Witt Magazine locals show you the inside track on how to tackle the best sightseeing spots and venues in Istanbul — often off the beaten tourist track. We also provide you with the latest tips & tricks to assure you’ll make the most out of your city trip.

Why Witt Magazine?

Tuncel Toprak , the owner and manager of Witt Istanbul Hotel, realized that his customers were always seeking trustworthy, up-to-date local advice from him during their stays.

Sure, most of them read one or more of the most renowned travel guides about Istanbul. They knew all there is to know about Istanbul’s most famous tourist attractions prior to their arrival. But what they couldn’t find in those guides is how to experience Istanbul like the locals do – which is exactly what Witt Magazine is all about.

What is Witt Magazine?

Witt Magazine doesn’t rehash widely spread information about Istanbul, already massively available in online or printed guides. Here we focus on sharing information that takes you off the beaten tourist track and lets you experience Istanbul just like the locals do.

We give you tips & tricks on how and when to best visit the various sightseeing spots – world-known as well as hidden treasures. We also share with you the best Istanbul addresses to wine & dine, party, work-out and shop, as well as advice on how to get the best value for your money. Witt Magazine shows you the way – whether you prefer taxis or public transportation – and makes sure the ride is unique, excellent and fair.

Bottom line, Witt Magazine gives you the most up-to-date inside information on Istanbul!

How to Access Witt Magazine?

You can access Witt Magazine by clicking on any of the links in this article. Since we update and add content multiple times a week, make sure to bookmark the url ( to have direct access to this great Istanbul resource.

About the Authors

Tuncel Toprak, author of Istanbul Insider Guide Tuncel Toprak, Witt Istanbul Hotel owner & manager

  1. Hates the traditional way of hotel management, prefers amateur soul
  2. Believes the best tips come from a local
  3. Does not get paid for recommendations
  4. Does not write about a place he has not previously visited
  5. Lifelong Istanbul resident

Erlend Geerts - Author of Witt Magazine Erlend Geerts, Istanbul expat & connoisseur

  1. Has a love-hate relationship with Istanbul
  2. Loves the city for all its beauty, and the diversity of its inhabitants
  3. Loves the city for all its surprises
  4. Sometimes, as a European, gets frustrated because of the laissez-faire attitude
  5. Will probably never leave the city again