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What Kebap To Eat While Visiting Istanbul?

Not coming across a kebap dish while visiting Istanbul is close to impossible. In this article I want to give you some information about the different kebab varieties. Here is already an important tip on how to spot a well-prepared kebab. If the kebab is made masterly, then the meat coated around the skewer should not fall on the ember charcoal. If it falls, this means that either the amount of grease in the mixture or the level of the fire is not accurate to get the real kebab taste.

Kebaps find their origin in the eastern and south-eastern cities of Turkey because of their culture mix. These days, you can find plenty of restaurants with several types of meat dishes in Istanbul. The most common kebabs include lamb and beef, whereas chicken on a skewer is very common too in those restaurant. Yet, pork is not used for kebabs because of religious and cultural reservations.

I divided some of the well-known kebab dishes into two, according to the type of meat used.

A nice plate of Urfa Kebap served in a restaurant in Istanbul, Turkey. [1]

A nice plate of Urfa Kebap.

Kebabs With Minced Meat

A typical plate of Sis Kebap served in a restaurant in Istanbul, Turkey. [2]

A typical plate of Şiş Kebap.

Kebabs With Pieces of Meat

My Favorite Kebap

And the last but not the least is one of my favorites. I did not put it in the categories above because it can be cooked with both very fine chopped meat and minced meat.

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