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Top 5 Markets in Istanbul

Every week in Istanbul more than 200 markets (pazar) are set. This is an old tradition that comes from the Ottoman times. Markets in Turkey offer more than fruit and vegetables. You can find almost anything in the markets mentioned in this article. Textiles have a great hand in the popularity of Istanbul’s markets. Even celebrities and high-society members are spotted while shopping at markets, and they don’t look bashful at all.

Markets Do Not Equal Poor Quality

Many textiles and leather products of famous brands are manufactured in Turkey. Most of these brands give their ‘export surplus’ or faulty items to the markets, to be sold with or without showing the brand name. The quality of such items ranges from perfect (export surplus) to slightly faulty, and sometimes even with a big shortcoming (called defolu in Turkish).

Three Market Shopping Essentials

While shopping for textile items, keep the following basic rules in mind:

Our Five Istanbul Markets

Market in Fatih, Istanbul. [1]

Market in Fatih, Istanbul.

Market in Kadıköy, Istanbul. [2]

Market in Kadıköy, Istanbul.

How to Reach Istanbul’s Markets?

In case you prefer a complete local experience, here are your (public) transport options:

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