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Istanbul’s Street Food – What’s Hot And What’s Not!

Eating street food is very much part of the Istanbul way of life. You can’t walk for over a kilometer without coming accross one or more street vendors and a dozen of snack shops or büfes. And with street food we don’t just mean food literally bought and eaten on the street, but also an array of light snacks such as pastry (börek), kebap [1], döner [2] and meatballs (köfte). Here’s is an overview of what’s hot and what’s not, as well as a list of usual suspects.

Hot Istanbul Street Food

Döner seller on the streets of Istanbul, Turkey. [3]

Döner seller on the streets of Istanbul.

Cold Istanbul Street Food

Simit and acma on display in Istanbul, Turkey. [4]

Simit and açma on display in push-car.

The Usual Suspects

When wandering through Istanbul’s streets, you’ll also notice the following snacks being sold. While they’re all delicious when fresh and prepared well, be cautious when buying them on the (sunny) streets. Ask for local advice as to where to order them best!

Kokoreç on its horizontal skewer in Istanbul, Turkey. [5]

Kokoreç on its horizontal skewer.

Afiyet Olsun! (have a nice meal)

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