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Istanbul Taxi Fares Every Tourist Ought To Know

Just like everywhere else in the world, some Istanbul taxi drivers have several tricks up their sleeve to hustle unaware tourists [1]. The most common practice is to extend the travel duration by making (huge) unnecessary detours. And since you’re not an Istanbulite, they’re pretty confident that you wouldn’t notice — and you won’t! But with this list of Istanbul taxi fares from Taksim and Sultanahmet to the most common tourist destinations, you are sure to pay the correct cab fare!

Last Updated:  06/09/2014

Istanbul Taxi Flat Rate and Increments

Taxi Fares from the Atatürk International Airport (and vice versa)

Taxi Fares from the Sahiba Gökçen Airport (and vice versa)

Taxi Fares from Sultanahmet (and vice versa)

Taxi Fares from Taksim (and vice versa)

Please Use Common Sense

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