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Istanbul Sales, When Does It Start and Stop

When is the best time to catch Istanbul sales? When do summer sales start in Istanbul? Will the sales season still be on when I’m in Istanbul? I often get these kinds of inquiries via the comments sections or through our contact form. And for all the right reasons.
When it comes to shopping, Istanbul offers a good variety of world famous brands [1] as well as high quality local designs and brands [2]. Whether you browse the numerous shopping malls all over the city or find your way to local designer shops. So, what’s the deal with Istanbul’s sales (indirim) dates?

There Are No Fixed Istanbul Sales Dates

This may come as a small shock to you, but there is no real official (government controlled) sales period — for either season. And if there is, it’s twisted and bended just like the traffic rules. Basically, sales are almost all year long! There is a good reason for that of course.

Some brands launch their collections in four different seasons. So when the coming season is close, they put the previous seasons’ items on sale. Some brands on the other hand, have collections divided into two seasons only: their Fall&Winter and Spring&Summer collections. Naturally, their sale time is different than the previously four-season brands. Moreover, any special day [3] is an excuse to launch special campaigns and/or discounts. You’ll see special sales appear for New Year [4], Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and the eves of religious days [5].

This doesn’t mean you can’t plan your trip and be 99% sure to land the biggest discounts. Luckily, there is some kind of certainty.

Winter Sales in Istanbul

Sales in Istanbul, Turkey. Buy one, get the second at 50%. [6]

This sales ad says: buy 1 pair of jeans, get the 2nd at 50%.

Winter sales start around mid-December or at the beginning of January, with discounts starting at 30% and going up to 50%. Some brands stick to this rate only and do not offer any further discounts. Some brands have a second wave though, with mostly 45 or 50% off the price. And to get rid of the last piece, they even go as high as 70% latest in April. The best time for winter sale shopping is the first sale in my opinion. The logic is simple: some sizes like M and L are in huge demand and sell out quicker than the others, at least in Turkey.

Summer Sales in Istanbul

Summer sales basically start when the temperatures tend to rise again. This can be any date between the beginning of June to even the first week of July. Again, depending on the season division as mentioned earlier. I would recommend to go shopping latest the first week of July to get the best of summer sales. By mid-August, the summer sale will be over its peak. By then you’ll either strike a golden deal, or get really frustrated that you can’t find that exquisite piece in your size or the color you like.

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