Indigenous Wine Grapes of Turkey

Picture of Turkish Wine Grapes

by Tuncel Toprak

in Cafés, Restaurants

Wine-making in Anatolia dates back 6000 years. Today, Turkey is a world leader in grape production. But the bad news ( for wine lovers of course ) is that only 5 percent of the production is used for wine making. The rest, we consume dried and fresh — I love fresh red grapes. Not surprisingly, there are a number of indigenous wine grapes of Turkey which should be on your check list if you are a wine lover. In a restaurant, try to order your wine by understanding what kind of grapes and flavour it has.

Turkish White Wine Grapes


  • Grown in Central Anatolia
  • Refreshing and easy to drink
  • Suitable for producing dry, primeur and sparkling wines
  • Wines of this kind are greenish-yellow


  • Grown in the Tokat region for its sandy soil
  • Often consumed as table grape
  • Narince is good for dry white wine with a balanced structure
  • Wines of this kind are greenish-yellow when young and have  a fruity aroma


  • Globally known as Sultana
  • Seedless grape grown in the Aegean region
  • Sultaniye wines are light with fruit aromas
  • Not suitable for aging, should be consumed within a year of bottling


  • Grown around Izmir
  • Most aromatic of the white grape varieties
  • Both dry and sweet wines from Misket should be tasted

Turkish Red Wine Grapes

Bogazkere (Boğazkere)

  • Grown in Southeast Anatolia
  • One of the best native grapes in Turkey
  • Has high tannin
  • Strong body and the potential to age
  • Boğazkere is traditionally blended with Öküzgözü grape

Okuzgozu (Öküzgözü)

  • Grown in Elazig
  • The wines from Öküzgözü carries floral and fruity aromas
  • Medium body and soft texture

Kalecik Karasi (Kalecik Karası)

  • Grown in Ankara region
  • Kalecik Karası produces medium-bodied wines with red fruit aromas
  • Suitable for aging (preferably 5 years)

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Joan Goss May 15, 2012 at 4:53 pm

I am looking for a white wine named Altinapa from izmir. Where can I buy this. We had some in kusadasi


Erlend Geerts May 18, 2012 at 1:33 pm

Hi Joan,

There is a wine specialty store in Cihangir called “Le Cave”. I think you should try there. And if they don’t have it, maybe they can recommend how to get a hold of it.


Olga Chir December 11, 2013 at 10:49 am

Hello everyone,

I’m searching for red and white wine from Denizli wine-vault. I don’t remember exactly its name – something about “Sinister” and “Opera Pamukkale” at the label. The white wine was made of melon, and the red wine was of plum, blackberry and raspberry (there are different tastes). Please help me to find and order it.


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