When you visit Istanbul it is inevitable that you will hear the call for prayer five times a day. The minarets of the mosques all around the city are equipped with loudspeakers to invite and remind the community that it’s time for prayer. During your stay you are also most likely to visit one or […]


Anzac Day, April 25, is the day when patriotic Australians and New Zealanders make a pilgrimage to Gallipoli to commemorate the soldiers who fought for their country in World War I as well as in other armed conflicts. Not only does it serve as a reminder of the tragedies of war, but the beauty of […]


Every week in Istanbul more than 200 markets (pazar) are set. This is an old tradition that comes from the Ottoman times. Markets in Turkey offer more than fruit and vegetables. You can find almost anything in the markets mentioned in this article. Textiles have a great hand in the popularity of Istanbul’s markets. Even […]


Bebek is a very trendy village along the Bosphorus. It has a buzzing atmosphere and it is well-known for the nice cafés and shops that line the waterfront. Locals also praise Bebek for its nice seaside promenade, ideal for long strolls along the strait.


Istanbul Aquarium (Istanbul Akvaryum) is a worthy destination to spend half a day if you wish to explore and literally submerge yourself in sea life. Or if you simply want to have an extraordinary touristic visit, besides the regular historical sightseeing spots. Yes, this is not in the tourist guides yet, since the biggest thematic […]