Time has come to recommend ten of Istanbul’s best fish restaurants. Previously I already let you in on some secrets to pick a fresh fish, so now I’ll share where you can consume their fresh catch. Some establishments are chic and elite, some are unpretentious and moderate. However, they are all experts and very skillful […]


When the winter comes two traditional and historic drinks, salep and boza, color up the cold grey days. Salep with its ancient medical history warms you up. Boza with its nutritious thick texture cools you down. If you happen to be in Istanbul during winter, these drinks most definitely offer a different experience to your […]


If you love to eat fish, Istanbul is paradise on Earth. The various seas surrounding Istanbul offer over 20 different kinds of fish. While nobody will argue over its nutritous value, it’s imperative that you pick a fresh one. Let me give you some tips and tricks on how to understand the freshness of a […]


An Esnaf Lokanatası (Tradesman Restaurant) offers a nice variety of dishes at very moderate prices. The emphasis lies on pleasing the regular customers, which are mostly working people. Some locals prefer to go there for breakfast before work, but most will visit an esnaf lokantası during the lunch break. Others stop by for dinner before […]


Tea is big in Turkey. A great deal of the population admires this drink. When asked to describe a hot summer day, a cold winter day, a visit to family or friends, a quick way to relax and especially a full breakfast, tea will be part of it. People often associate Turkish tea with apple […]