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Normally we don’t review websites, but for NotonlyIstanbul we want to make an exception. Why? They focus on capturing Istanbul through the lens of ordinary people, and offer visitors an overview of what places locals visit and how they experience Istanbul. And that is exactly what we try to do here at Witt Istanbul. The […]

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Should I stay in Sultanahmet or Beyoğlu? That’s a question people often ask me while they’re planning their trip to Istanbul. The problem is that there is no straightforward answer to it. It’s merely a matter of preference. Let me explain the pros and cons of both locations.


Public transportation in Istanbul has improved for the better over the past few years. Most people still take taxis to commute between the various points of interest, but it’s often not the best choice. In this article I’ll point out the benefits of using public transportation, what the common lines are for tourists, when they […]


Starting November 2012 Taksim will never be the same place anymore. To make Taksim Square a pedestrian only zone, huge construction works are taking place (see video below). The main idea of this project is to clear out the traffic chaos around the square. But here is the catch, for the time being life in […]


The Turkish cuisine is world famous, and rightly so as you will experience during your stay. Turkish food is diverse and savory, spicy without being (too) hot, vegetable rich, and healthy thanks to the generous use of olive oil. Once back home, visitors often crave for these delicious dishes but fail to replicate them. This […]