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On a hot day who wouldn’t want to take a dive into a gleaming turquoise pool with a view of the Bosphorus? In this article you will find your way to the most elegant and tasty places to cool down, relax and get some tan during your stay in Istanbul. In all these establishments the […]


In an earlier post I already shared a few Istanbul health tips to consider before you leave. In this post I want to give you some advice on how you can remain in great shape during your stay in Istanbul. I’ll also answer another concern among tourists: can I brush my teeth (or even drink) […]


For most people, planning a city trip to Istanbul does not require any special medical precautions. It’s one of the major world cities — well developed and pretty Western. Nevertheless, I suggest to make sure you have a proper travel insurance and go over the list of recommended vaccinations. Also, if you’re on prescription medicines, […]