What are the best places in Istanbul to sit outside and relax I’m often asked. Well, here’s my top ten. Some of the places in this article offer you a chance to experience history and mysticim, others offer an escapade to serenity in the middle of the hectic city life. It’s very unlikely you can […]


When the winter comes two traditional and historic drinks, salep and boza, color up the cold grey days. Salep with its ancient medical history warms you up. Boza with its nutritious thick texture cools you down. If you happen to be in Istanbul during winter, these drinks most definitely offer a different experience to your […]


Tea is big in Turkey. A great deal of the population admires this drink. When asked to describe a hot summer day, a cold winter day, a visit to family or friends, a quick way to relax and especially a full breakfast, tea will be part of it. People often associate Turkish tea with apple […]


The Turkish water pipe or nargile (sometimes also called a hookah or hubble-bubble) has been around for centuries. Contrary to popular belief, it is not an instrument to smoke hashish or any other drug. The only products used are different flavors of (Turkish) tobacco. There is nothing shady about this 500 year smoking tradition. It’s […]

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In Istanbul you have a wide variety of local drinks to try out — hot or cold, with or without alcohol. Some of them will sound and look familiar but come with a Turkish twist, such as tea or coffee. Others will be new to you and are well worth a try to please your […]